Stars aren’t like us?!

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Why is it that sites like MSN, Yahoo, and other mainstream internet sites spend considerable resources trying to convince us that celebrities and “rich” people aren’t like us and that we should envy, or even care, what they have, say, or do? They constantly publish condescending articles about what celebrity gave their child a Land Rover, or how these people are somehow better that us and live better lives. Then on the same day they publish an article on how to live well on $20,000 per year. It’s like they’re saying “you’re just a poor schmuck, but look what this guy has!” It’s disgusting. To me it’s a conspiracy designed to keep us from wanting more, being the boss, and obtaining what we want for ourselves and our families. A conspiracy designed by those with a “Scarcity Mentality” that believe that for us to have, they must somehow loose. We are constantly told how we could never get there and we should learn to be happy with life as it is.

If you have the time to read these articles, and care about what this or that celebrity has, than I’m willing to bet that you are not satisfied with your current financial position. It has been said by many motivational speakers, Eric Thomas  (  or “TGIM” on YouTube) being one of them,  that you can judge the level of one’s success by how they spend their time. Do you spend your time searching for the way to get what you want? Or do you spend your time idly wishing for things to change? Why should we care what this or that celebrity has? It is our money, that we gave them, that made it possible for them to have what they have.

I believe that we all have the power within us to live the way we want to. In his book “The Four Hour Work Week” Timothy Ferris lays out a strategy for the “New Rich” who don’t work a life time, saving for retirement, only to be too tired, or challenged by a health problem and unable to enjoy those “Golden Years”. We can design a life that enables us to have it all today.  In the book Mr. Ferris explains in detail how to take 6 month “mini-retirements” to follow your passion. How to balance work, life, travel, and live a life like the stars.

At Miriam’s Apartment, we are here to help you realize that dream if your passion is real estate, living in Rio de Janeiro, or both. We can help you join stars such as Ricky Martin, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Gisele, Mick Jagger, Dione Warwick, and many others who own real estate in Rio or in Brazil. So be someone who lives like a star and who doesn’t care what the stars do. Because we are just like them.

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